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Generate reports in the reporting cockpit

When you generate the reporting, a snapshot is taken of the reporting codes and the figures.

Profit generates reports for a financial year up to and including a specific period.

To generate reports:

  1. Open the administration for which you want to generate reports.
  2. Go to: Financial / Ledger / Overview / Reporting cockpit.
  3. Click on: New.
  4. Enter the description.
  5. Specify the financial year and the last period for which you want to generate the reports.

    You cannot change the financial year and period later on. You can, however, refresh the reports. This means that the numbers and the reporting codes with the linked accounts are retrieved again.

  6. Select the administration set if you want to generate a consolidated report for multiple administrations.
  7. Click on: Next.
  8. Select the reports that you want to display in the view using the actions.
  9. Select the Print cover page and Print final page check boxes if you want to print these for the reports.
  10. Click on: Next.
  11. Specify how the numbers must be rounded.


    If you select 'rough' rounding, you cannot go back to a more precise rounding. For instance, it is not possible to first select rounding to thousands and later change this selection to rounding to hundreds.

    You can in fact do the opposite: go from finer to rougher rounding.

  12. Specify the Reporting value. This is important for the year-end work for the Chamber of Commerce.
  13. Click on: Finish.

Directly to

  1. View the reporting cockpit
  2. Configure the reporting cockpit
  3. Generate reporting
  4. View reports
  5. Refresh reporting


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