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Approve VAT/ICP declaration via OutSite (Accountancy)

As an accountant and tax consultant, you can make the VAT/ICP declarations of your clients available digitally on OutSite (the accountancy portal), and the client is able to approve them electronically via the portal.


  • Automated with a workflow for approving the VAT/ICP declaration.
  • With one press of a button you place the declaration from the client environment on the portal (OutSite) in your own accountancy environment which is then moved to the client's dossier.
  • Using his portal account, the client can browse and review the VAT/ICP declaration.
  • The electronic approval offers an extra check on the correctness of the declaration.
  • You sent the declarations of your clients to the Tax Authority via your own accountancy environment. This saves money, since only one certificate for communication with 'Digipoort' is required.
  • You see the submission statuses of all client declarations in one overview.
  • This is a step forward in the efficient cooperation between you and the client.

This functionality is intended for accountancy and administration offices with a Profit Accountancy licence or the Standard Edition in which the accountancy bundle is included in the licence and where the customers of the accountant use Profit Small Business. This functionality is only available for environments with a Dutch licence. The licences for Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands Antilles are excluded.




The process of approving the VAT declaration via the accountancy portal is incorporated in a workflow.

Fin_Btw/icp-aangifte accorderen via OutSite (10)

The accountant creates a new VAT/ICP declaration in the environment of the customer. He wants the VAT/ICP declaration to be approved by his customer and sends it as a message to his own accountancy environment. The declaration consists of a report in PDF format for the client and an XBRL which after approval is sent to the Tax Authority. The message is processed in the accountant's environment. The VAT number in the message is used to find the associated sales contact (the customer). The VAT report is saved as a dossier item in this customer's dossier. This automatically starts the workflow; the first task in the workflow is assigned to the customer.

In the Accountancy portal in OutSite, the customer sees the new dossier item with the report of the VAT declaration and reviews the figures declared in the report. After the customer has checked the VAT/ICP declaration, he can approve it, reject it or send it back to the accountant with a question, as configured in the workflow. This all results in a message from the customer:

  • with an 'approved' message, the VAT/ICP declaration is finalised and the process in the client environment is finished. The VAT/ICP declaration in the accountancy environment is automatically prepared for submission to the Tax Authority.
  • with a 'rejected' message, the status of the VAT/ICP declaration is changed from 'for approval' to 'rejected'. In this case the accountant must adjust the VAT/ICP declaration in the client environment and then resubmit it for approval.

An illustration of this workflow process for approval is shown in the following diagram:

Fin_Btw/icp-aangifte accorderen via OutSite (Accountancyportal) (10)



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