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Add an applicant

You register a new applicant and link the applicant to a vacancy. In the case of a speculative application, you can add an applicant without linking the applicant to a vacancy. Profit automatically registers the applicant as a person in Profit CRM.

In case of an internal application you can register the relevant employee as an applicant.

You can import applicants via HR / Management / Import HRM / Applicant.

To add an applicant:

  1. Go to: HR / Recruitment and selection / Applicant.

    You can also access this view from the Vacancies tab in the employer's properties.

  2. Click on: New
  3. Specify whether the applicant is an existing employee (internal application) or a new applicant (external application). You have two options:

    If you have chosen to precede the employee code with the employer code, specify the employer to which you want to link the employee code in Employer code prefix. Read more about this option here.

  4. When adding a new applicant, you first go through a number of windows with general information, such as personal details, contact information and other data.

    If you enter the full name in the Name field, Profit automatically completes the other name fields. For example, if you enter the name 'Mrs Jeanette de Waard', Profit automatically completes the first name, last name, prefix, initials and gender fields. Check these fields and make sure that the initials have been completed in full.

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