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Organisations and persons

You record organisations and persons. Each contact is an organisation or a person.


You record companies as organisations. You record all people as Persons.

In addition, you have contact persons. A contact person is the link between an organisation and a person. A contact person at an organisation therefore at the same time is a person.

Organisation and person types

There are various organisation and person types. Examples of organisation types are Sales contact and Purchase contact. Examples of a person type are Employee and ‘IB’ client.


If the employee Jansen does the salary administration for you then the above data of the Employee type is linked to this person.

If you register Karton BV as a customer of the sales department, the general data of the sales contact is saved at the organisation level and the specific sales data is saved at the sales contact level. This is data of the type Sales contact.

An Organisation and a Person can be of more than one type.

On the Link tab, you can find an overview of the types to which a person or organisation is linked. These links are added automatically when you enter the type-specific data. Thus, on the Link tab of the Person Jansen, you see the Employee link. Links only indicate that the selected person also appears in the database in other capacities.

In a diagram, this looks as follows:

The general data is linked to organisations and persons. This includes the name and address data, but also fields like Sector and CoC number for an organisation.

The general data for persons includes fields such as TitleGender and Social security number ('BSN').

Additional data is saved for the specific types of organisations and persons. Specific fields for an organisation of the sales contact type include VAT duty and credit limit. An example of a specific field for a person of the employee type is the salary field. Whether or not the type-specific data is visible, depends on your authorisation.



  • Organisations, persons and contacts in InSite

    You can view the organisation, persons and contact persons in InSite via the Relations page. On the page linked to this menu (known as the portal page), several menu functions are available. You can customise the configuration and naming of pages in InSite, meaning the naming in your system may be different.

  • Organisation

    Before adding an organisation, you first determine the type of organisation. If it is a sales contact, you add the organisation via the Sales contact menu item. If you only know the general data of the organisation, you add an Organisation.

  • Person

    If you are adding a person, you first determine the type of the person. If it is an employee, you add him/her via the Employee menu item. If you only want to specify the general data, add a Person.

  • Contact person

    The communication with an organisation is more effective if you know who your contact person is.

  • Add a department as a contact

    You can add a specific department as the contact for an organisation.

  • View links

    For organisations and persons, you register the general data, such as the organisation name and the address. Per specific organisation type, such as Sales contact, you also register specific additional data. The same applies to specific Person types.

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