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Opt-in on input form

The opt-in functionality provides support for mass e-mails. This is only legally permitted if the recipient has given consent in advance. With this functionality, Profit offers support for the process for requesting permission via what is known as the 'double opt-in functionality'.

By including a Keep me informed field on the input form, the opt-in process can be started (and completed) automatically by the visitor himself.



Sending mass unsolicited e-mails to individuals and businesses is not permitted under the law unless the recipient has given permission in advance. One method for acquiring this permission is the double opt-in.

This consists of the following steps:

You record some details to support the opt-in process. Some details are recorded by the visitor and other details you enter yourself in Profit. We advise you to have visitors enter as much of their own data as possible to prevent disagreements about sending e-mailings.


If you apply changes in the status yourself, make certain you record proof of the permission in another manner (such as by scanning a signed form and adding it to the relevant person's dossier).

Profit only supports a single opt-in. For each person, the system tracks whether or not permission to e-mail that person has been received. More complex situations, such as tracking permission for multiple newsletters per person, are not directly supported. You can resolve this by using custom fields and by sending an e-mailing to look at the opt-in field and the custom field.


  • Configure opt-in on input forms

    The configuration of input forms consists of meeting the legal conditions and setting the default e-mail, configuring the input form and authorising the permission.


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