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Article dimensions

In Profit you can keep track of and view stock data at various levels. You can also add your own levels and Article dimensions.


In Profit there are several levels at which you can view the stock of an article, namely per article (top-level), per warehouse, per warehouse location, per lot and per unit (in connection with 'virtual stock').

In addition to the levels, you can also track stock based on the article dimensions which you can add yourself. For example, you want to consult your stock per size and/or colour. You can indicate for an article which of the article dimensions apply to the article. For instance, this may be size, colour or both.


You can add as many article dimension tables as you want, but you cannot track stock for an article for more than two dimensions.


If you keep track of an article with serial numbers (serial articles), article dimensions do not apply. You can include articles with article dimensions in an assembled article.

Besides keeping track of stock, you can also assign prices and discounts to the article dimension codes.


  • Configure

    In addition to the levels at which you can track stock for an article, you can also track stock based on the article dimension which you can add yourself.


  • Enter articles with article dimensions

    You can enter transactions for articles for which you track stock on article dimensions in the regular way using the entry layouts. For this, you use the Article dimension 1 and Article dimension 2 fields in those entry layouts. When you have selected the article code, the appropriate article dimension codes will automatically become available in these fields.

  • Enter articles with two article dimensions via a matrix

    You can enter transactions for articles for which you track stock on two article dimensions in a special entry layout: an entry matrix. Booking through the matrix is particularly useful if you want to enter transactions for multiple articles with the same article code but with different article dimension codes.

  • Delete articles entered via a matrix

    You can only delete the line with the articles entered if you have already deleted the sub lines.

  • View stock per article dimension

    You can view the stock by article dimensions once you have configured it.

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