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Add a work type

You add a work type for work that you perform against a certain rate, such as an hourly rate or a job rate. A work type has no stock.

To add a work type:

  1. Go to:
    • Order Management / Item / Configuration / Work type
    • Projects / Item / Work type
    • Hours/Declarations / Item / Work type
  2. Click on: New
  3. Complete the fields. 
  4. You can select the Changeable description check box. This allows you to change the description during the purchase and sales process.
  5. If applicable, select a Integration group. When preparing overviews, you can use this for grouping work types.
  6. Select the VAT rate group. Based on this, among other things, Profit determines the VAT for the invoice.
  7. Click on: Next
  8. If applicable, enter the Sales price and other price information. You can still change this at a later stage.
  9. Select the Charge check box to charge the work type on an invoice (only applicable for project administration).


    You record both the cost price and the sales price for hours using a calculation basis you define yourself. They are time-dependent.

  10. Click on: Next
  11. Complete the fields. 
  12. Click on: Finish

You can view or change the properties of an existing work type.

You record extra information in the master data of the work types using custom fields that you add to custom tabs. If you have defined custom fields and tabs, you can now record this data directly.

Directly to

  1. Work type
  2. Add a work type
  3. Change work type prices


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