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Relationship between Order management and Profit Financial

From the Purchase and Sales processes, as well as the Stock administration, you have to deal with Profit Financieel. After all, whether or not you make a profit is decided by the value of the purchases, the sales and the stock. That is why you create links from these three components (provided you use them) to Profit Financieel. These links are called the Types of integration.

Log_Structuur logistiek en integratie - met Financieel 2

For every Order management process, at least one Integration type is available. Thus you have one integration type for the purchase process, though more can be defined. The same applies to the Stock administration and Sales processes. You should discuss with your financial department and the consultant which integration types you require and configure. You specify on which ledger accounts you want to enter particular actions and costs.

Integration levels

You can specify the integration (or have it specified) at 2 main levels, but do have options to deviate from this.

  • Integration type = At this level, you specify the journals for each integration type. In the profiles for purchase and sales contacts, you can specify deviating journals for invoices and credit notes to be used in the purchase or sales process.
  • Article group = At this level, you specify the ledger accounts for each article group. Deviating ledger accounts for entering revenues and credit entries for work types and costs, if necessary, can be specified in an Integration group.

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