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Item authorisation (articles, work type, etc) with integration

You can therefore see the master data from Profit Order management items unfiltered in the Projects, Subscriptions and CRM modules if they occur there as well. Bear this in mind, for instance when you add custom fields and tabs. If you add a custom field at the item level, should it be visible in articles, work types and costs, or is the custom field so specific that it only applies to, for instance, work types?

As far as authorisation is concerned, you can authorise the menu options for the various item types per module.

However, the action and tab authorisation for this master data is integrated. This means that the settings in a tab in the one module are identical to the settings in the same tab in the other module.

For the authorisation of content, for example if you want to show articles only in Profit Projecten, you have to set filters.

Please also refer to Authorisation.

To view the authorisation:

You now view the authorisation for the Item types.

  1. Go to: General / Management / Authorisation tool.
  2. Go to the tab: Group maintenance (left).
  3. Filter the User group column by ‘log’.

    Log_Stuctuur_Integratie_andere modules4.png

    You see that there are authorisation groups for each role that a user can have in Profit Logistics.

  4. Select the user group.
  5. Go to the tab: Menu (right).
  6. Click on: the '+’ for Algemeen.
  7. Open the folder 'Logistiek / Item'.

    Log_Stuctuur_Integratie_andere modules4

    You see the various menu options for items in Logistics. The check boxes indicate what the user group has access to.

  8. Open the folders for ‘Subscriptions / Subscription' and ‘Projects / Item'.

    Log_Integratie logistiek_ Stamgegevens_Autorisatie (42)

    You see that each module has its item-related menu options (or item types such as article or assembled item for Subscriptions) for authorisation. If a user group is authorised for the item in one module, then the user group also has privileges for it in the other module.

  9. Go to the tab: Authorisation.
  10. Open the Invoicing, general folder.

    You see that all tab and action authorisations for items, etc., are grouped under the Facturering algemeen header. This also applies to the authorisation of the Counter/direct invoice and Sales invoice and the management of the Invoicing, which is also intended for use with multiple modules.

    Where authorisation of these elements is possible in multiple modules, the authorisation is exactly the same.

  11. Open the Logistiek folder.
  12. Go to: Article dimensions by selecting 'Item / Article / Tabs'.


    You see that this user group does not have access to the Artikeldimensies tab.

  13. Open the Facturering algemeen folder.
  14. Here, also go to Artikeldimensies by selecting 'Item / Article / Tabs'.

    Log_structuur en integratie_Auth

    You see that the authorisation matches.

  15. Close the Authorisation tool
  16. Click on: 'No' when asked if you want to reopen the environment.

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