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Entry logging

To clarify the RAE entries during salary processing, you can make use of the entry log. An RAE entry results from a CLA update, a wage entry, a change to a parameter or a change to employee data. The wage entry, change to a parameter or change to employee data can be viewed using the entry log. It is therefore essential that the entry logging is configured properly.

The entry logging functionality provides an additional control option: when errors are made you can discuss them with the responsible employee.


Entry logging in Profit consists of the following:

  • General log

    You determine the data (fields) for which you want to track changes in the log.

  • Parameter log

    Profit logs the addition, change or deletion of the parameter values of wage components in the parameter log.

  • Logging within views

    A view shows who is responsible for adding data and for the last change.


    Profit generates a replacement pay slip in a certain period. You are unaware of the cause for this.

    You check the entry log. The log provides you with insight into the creation of the RAE entry.


  • The general log file

    Logging entails that certain events are automatically tracked in a log file.

  • Logging with audit fields in views

    Audit fields reflect who is responsible for adding data or for the last change. The audit fields only display the last change. The previous changes are not shown. The benefit of audit fields is that they are present in many data collections by default. You can therefore add them to most views and reports.

  • Payroll parameter logging

    A separate log is used to register (log) the addition, change or deletion of the parameter values of wage components. This parameter log supplements the general logging functionality in Profit.

  • Analysis with entry logging

    The HR/Payroll entry overview (Profit) analysis gives a clear overview of the entry logging in the various logs.

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