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Entry log in Profit

Logging entails that certain events are automatically tracked in a log file.



Profit offers various options for logging events:

  • General log and environment log

    As an administrator, you can view a general log with the actions and any error messages which have occurred in all environments. Here, you can see log lines on making and restoring backups, for instance. In the environment log, you see log lines on a particular environment, such as logging of all Profit components replaced in an update.

  • Audit fields

    Audit fields indicate the date each record was added and the date on which it was changed last. You can add Audit fields to views, reports and analyses.

  • Fields log

    You rlog changes in an environment, and the user who made the changes is also logged.

    However, this logging is not only a tool for checking. You can also use logging to exchange entries with other systems.

  • Parameter logging

    You log the addition, changing or deletion of parameter values in Profit Payroll.


  • View the general log and environment log

    The log in the environment manager only logs issues that are related to the conversion and licence changes.

  • Entry log in Profit

    In the log, you can track the data to which changes have been applied in a number of files. You can use this to see which user added, changed or deleted data.

  • Add audit fields to a view

    Audit fields reflect who is responsible for adding data or for the last change. The audit fields only display the last change. The previous changes are not shown. The benefit of audit fields is that they are present in many data collections by default. You can therefore add them to most views and reports.

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