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View an RAE entry in a wage declaration

When the declaration has been checked, the RAE entries can be viewed in the digital declaration.

To determine the origin of a declaration correction or corrections in a Complete declaration, you can view the digital wage declaration or pay slip in Profit. A correction can have several causes:

Terugwerkende kracht

To view an RAE entry in a wage declaration:

  1. Go to: HR / Payroll / Declaration cockpit.
  2. Open the declaration line.
  3. Select the wage declaration.

    • Wage declaration of the selected declaration line

      Profit only shows checked changes compared to the complete declaration of the same period.

    • Wage declaration of complete declaration including correction declaration(s)

      Profit shows the complete declaration for the period in which the correction is included, including the checked changes in the correction declaration.

  4. Click on: OK.

    In the Employee data window, Profit shows the employees for which corrections have been processed.

    In the Employee data window, you can apply a filter by period. Write down the employee IDs for the employees for which corrections were created.

  5. Go to: HR / Employee / Employee.
  6. Select the employee whose employee code you just wrote down.
  7. Click on the action: Consult salary.
  8. Open the period line.
  9. Open the TWK gegevens gestart in periode X line.
  10. You can view the differences and find out the cause using the various check functionalities.

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