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Prepare and send a wage declaration

You finalise the wage declaration by preparing it for sending. You then send it to the Tax Authority (automatically).

If you are using the pension declaration, prepare it at the same time as the wage declaration. The pension declaration process is integrated with the wage declaration process.

After you submit the wage declaration, the tax authority will perform an integrity check. This means that the tax authority checks the technical validity of the delivered data (instead of the fiscal validity). Based on this check, in Profit the following statuses can be reported:


    The tax authority cannot accept the data as they were delivered. The Fout column shows the message.

  • Receive

    The tax authority can further process the declaration, because it has passed the integrity check without any problems.

You can also initiate sending of the declaration using the Command Line Utility. You can use this option, for example to start the sending overnight automatically.

To prepare a declaration for sending:

  1. Go to: HR / Payroll / Declaration cockpit.
  2. Select the period line.

    You see the declaration lines for the selected period.

  3. Select the declaration line.

    You can only prepare a declaration line if it has the Audited status.

    If the status is None, you first have to check the declaration. If the status is Checked provisionally , you first have to approve the period in the salary processing.


A declaration is set or remains set to the Processed provisionally status if unapproved processing instances are still included in the declaration. That means you cannot yet prepare the declaration.

In that case, click on Check again and then click on No if you are asked if you want to include the unapproved processing instances in the check.

  1. Click on the action: Prepare.

    The declaration is prepared in the queue.

    For more information on the queue, click here.

  2. Click on the action: Send/receive.

    With this, you send and receive messages only for the 'BAPI' profile within the communication service. This action is available if you are authorised for General / Communication service / Send and receive.

    You can automate sending and receiving messages through the Profit Task scheduler. In a local installation you can also accomplish this using the Command Line Utility.

  3. Once the declaration has been sent, the status of the declaration changes to Sent.
  4. Check whether the declaration has been sent:

    General / Communication service / Communication message.

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