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Profit Task Scheduler

You can schedule certain tasks for each environment to have them performed on fixed days and at a fixed time.

As an AFAS Online user, you can schedule these tasks yourself and they are performed automatically via the queue. So you do not have to submit an incident for this.

This functionality is also available if you have a local installation. Scheduled tasks are then carried out in the background through the queue. This allows you to easily schedule tasks without having to configure a command line.



Je plant de uit te voeren taken per omgeving in. Taken worden in de wachtrij geplaatst op het moment dat deze moeten worden uitgevoerd. Vervolgens worden de taken uitgevoerd op de volgorde waarin ze in de wachtrij staan. Je kunt in Profit per taak zien of deze succesvol is uitgevoerd. Zo niet, dan kun je nagaan waarom de taak niet is uitgevoerd.

Taken worden in de wachtrij geplaatst in de volgorde waarin deze moeten worden uitgevoerd. Uiteraard is het niet bekend hoe lang het duurt voordat een taak daadwerkelijk voltooid is en de volgende gestart wordt. Daarom is er geen garantie dat taken daadwerkelijk worden gestart op de door jou ingeplande tijdstippen.


You schedule action Refresh current details each day straight after midnight at 00.01 am.

You schedule actionGenerate signals on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 3 am. This action generates all active alerts.

You schedule action Optimise environments each Saturday at 3 am (this action is not available in AFAS Online).

There are recurring and one-off tasks:

  • Recurring tasks are carried out according to a schedule. If a recurring task needs to be carried out, it is placed in the queue.
  • One-off tasks are placed in the queue at a specific date and time. After a one-off task has been run, it is blocked.


In a local installation, the queue must have been activated. If this is not the case, scheduled tasks will not be placed in the queue. The Batch processing (place processes in queue) activation does not need to be enabled.

However, if the Batch processing (place processes in queue) activation is enabled, Profit automatically places certain tasks in the queue. These are not tasks that can be started using the Task scheduler, but other tasks.

App_Cmd Geplande taken (Beschr)

Task overview

You can schedule the following tasks in Profit and carry them out using the queue. Check the command line actions for more specific information.

Tasks that are not in this overview, can be carried out via the command line. If you use AFAS Online, you can submit an incident for this. For a local installation, you must configure the command line yourself.

In particular tasks, such as sending out alerts, it is important that current information is first refreshed. You must always refresh current information directly after midnight. Run other actions after that.

If a task needs to be carried out while the environment is not available, then a check will be done an hour later to see whether the task can be carried out. If not, then check again a hour later to see whether the task can be run, etc. This may happen, for instance if an environment is temporarily not available because an environment update needs to be run.

Task type

Command line


Update overviews for InSite and OutSite



Update selections for InSite and OutSite



Refresh current details



Authorisation groups based on selection update





Only available in AFAS Online.

E-mail course


More information: E-mail a reminder to participants.

Journalise invoices


On the JOURNALIZE command line you can include the '/D' option (the number of days that journalising is not done, from the system date).

The '/D' option is given a value of 0 in scheduled task. All entries to be journalised from the system date onwards are journalised.

Select the Invoice entry date same as invoice date check box if you want to use the invoice date as the entry date in the journal entries.

Generate 'ArboUnie' messages


Generate 'Arbo Unie' messages for a specific employer and agency.

Generate fiscal messages


Only available in AFAS Online.

Generate signals


Generate alerts.

Purge RAE entries



Optimise environments


Not available in AFAS Online. The optimisation is done automatically in AFAS Online.

Publishing analysis


Only available in AFAS Online.

Social analysis


Only available in AFAS Online.

Process salary



Refresh dashboards


Only available in AFAS Online.

See also: Schedule tasks for Profit BI

Process external messages


Only available in AFAS Online.

Send and receive communication service




This task exchanges and processes the messages.

Vullen HRM-tabellen tbv Profit BI


Only available in AFAS Online.

See also: Schedule tasks for Profit BI

Process weeks



Belgian tasks overview



  • Authorise scheduled tasks

    Configure the authorisation of this section, so that the right users have access to the required functions and data.

  • Schedule tasks

    You plan tasks to be executed per environment.

  • Schedule tasks for alerts

    You generate all active alerts in an environment or only the alerts of a specific definition category.

  • View tasks

    You check whether the tasks have been carried out correctly.


Command line

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