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Generate and save analyses (Command Line Utility)

Using the PUBLISH action, you can generate analyses and save them as a web page.

Methods for publishing analyses:

  • If you use AFAS Online, use the Profit Task scheduler.
  • If you have a local Profit installation, use the PUBLISH command line described here.
  • Both in AFAS Online and on a local installation, you can publish the analysis using the command line of the Profit Communication Center.


  • Microsoft Excel must be installed on the server.
  • The Profit Communication Center must have been configured on the server for the user running the analysis.
  • In the case of a local installation, if you use Windows authentication in Profit, the PCC must be configured accordingly.


    You have a local installation and you are using Windows authentication.

    You generate analyses as the Windows user Admin.

    Authorise the Profit user Admin to use the command line.

    Install the PCC and set it up for the user Admin.

  • The analysis contains the PublishAnalysis routine. To publish the analysis, this routine is called from the command line.

You can include a web page as a menu item in InSite.





General options:


/A"Administration number" is mandatory for analyses based on an administration-specific data collection.

Extra options for the action:

/A"analysis name"



"C:\Program files (x86)\Profit\AFAS Windows\Kernel\Bin\AFASCMD.EXE" /O"Environment name " /G"Username" /W"Password" /L"C:\publish.log" PUBLISH /A"Managementinfo"

Publish an administration-dependent analysis

When using an analysis based on an administration-dependent data collection, you must enter the number of the administration for the general /A option when publishing. This is the number in the first column of the view when selecting an administration. You can only actually be logged on to the administration if you also enter the administration number.

The user must have rights for this administration. If the administration is incorrect or if the user does not have sufficient rights, the analysis cannot be generated.

It is recommended you always use this option if you have multiple administrations.


"C:\Program files (x86)\Profit\AFAS Windows\Kernel\Bin\AFASCMD.EXE" /O"Environment name " /G"Username" /W"Password" /A"Administratienummer" /L"C:\publish.log" PUBLISH /A"Analyse"

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