Approve a period

When a salary processing is approved, you close a period in Profit. During the approval of the salary processing, Profit saves some files to the folders designated for this purpose and uses the designated names. Prior to approval, all changes affecting the wage can still be processed in the processing for that period.

While you approve a period, Profit will perform the following actions if you have set this up in the employer's properties:

  • Journalise

    If you journalise to a different environment or you do not journalise automatically, start the journalising separately.

  • Payment file

    If you are using a collective payment file, generate the collective payment file manually.

After the approval, all changes to the approved period result in an entry with retroactive effect (RAE entry).

To approve a period:

  1. Go to: HR / Payroll / Salary processing cockpit.
  2. Open the view: Salary processing plan (actual).

    More information: views in the salary processing cockpit

  3. Select the processed period.
  4. Click on the action: Approve.


    You cannot undo the approval of a salary processing or delete an approved salary processing.

    You can use the Delete processing action to undo a provisionally processed correction period in the Salary processing cockpit. After that, you can actually delete the correction period.

  5. Click on: Yes.

    The approval of the salary processing is performed in the queue. If the approval is successful, a pop-up appears.

    For more information on the queue, click here.

    Once the period has been approved, it receives the Approved status. If the status has not changed, press F5. Following the approval, the difference period that may have been created when the period was closed is automatically deleted.

  6. Profit will automatically generate report sets if you have configured this in the settings and if you have linked a report set to the employer or salary processing line. Profit can print the report sets, send them by e-mail to the contact person for the employer or a deviating contact person, and add them to the dossier. Generating report sets works in the same way as when processing a period.

After approving a period, the finalised overviews are available.

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