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Generate annual statements

If you want to e-mail the annual statements, save them to the dossier or transfer them to AFAS Personal, you generate them in the Salary processing cockpit. You can also print the annual statements, but that seems rather old-fashioned. In addition to that being old-fashioned, the reports for the annual statements are not designed for printing.

The annual statement uses the style of the salary indicator. Just like a traditional pay slip, an annual statement is an overview that contains many numbers making it difficult for most employees to read. Because of the graphical layout of the annual statement, the employee is more likely to actually view the annual statement as important data is shown in a graphical way.

Pay_Jaaropgaven in stijl salariswijzer (10)

In addition to the graphic layout of the numbers, an input assistant for the income tax declaration has been added. This means that the employee does not have to look for the correct information on the annual statement, but can copy the data when entering or checking the declaration.

Pay_Jaaropgaven in stijl salariswijzer (10)

The following reports are available:

  • Digital annual statement of salary indicator (Profit)

    In addition to supplying statutory data using this report, you give the employee more insight into last year's data, including insight into the current attachments of earnings, loans and outstanding statutory leave. This will benefit your employees.

  • Digital annual statement (Profit)

    You use this report if you only want to provide the statutory data to the employee using the new style.

Profit determines the values on the annual statements based on wage summaries.


We recommend you use the reports supplied as defaults for the annual statement.

If you do make a copy of the report for the annual statement, we will not update it with the yearly (statutory) changes. This means that you have to copy the annual statements every year to keep the reports up-to-date or have to implement the (statutory) changes in the copies yourself.

If you have saved the annual statements for a specific year as a dossier item and you again generate an annual statement for the year in question, the saved statement does not get overwritten. You can delete the dossier item with the original annual statement from the dossier.


You cannot generate the annual statement using HR / Output / Payroll report. If you try, the report remains empty.

To generate annual statements using the Output action:

  1. Go to: HR / Payroll / Salary processing cockpit.
  2. Select the period line.

    If you have approved a correction period, you can generate the annual statements from the correction period and the main period. There is no difference between the two.

  3. Click on the action: Output.
  4. Open the report: Annual statement.
  5. Enter a selection if you do not want to generate all annual statements for the selected period lines.
  6. Click on: Next.
  7. Select the Perform actions as specified for employer check box if you want to use the employer settings. If that is not the case, you specify how Profit should complete the selected period line:
    • You can save the annual statement to the dossier. However, if you apply a filter by employee, Profit does not save the annual statement to the employer dossier. If Profit has saved annual statements for a specific year as a dossier item, Profit will not overwrite them if you regenerate them for the same year.
    • You can specify whether you want to print the annual statement or send it by e-mail. If you send the statement by e-mail, Profit uses the employee settings to determine whether the work or the private e-mail address should be used and you can select a message template.
  8. In Employee annual statement select the report for the annual statement.

    If this field is empty, you did not select a default report for the employer.

  9. Click on: Finish.

    The annual statements are generated in the queue.

  10. Click on the action: Queue.
  11. Click on the action: Task information as soon as the status of the task is Completed successfully.

    When generating the pay slips for one employer, Profit first shows a pint preview. In all other situations that is not the case.

    You see an overview of the actions performed in a separate window (unless you are only printing). Profit displays lines that have triggered an error message in red.

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