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View pay slips in the employee dossier

You can view the pay slips in the employee's dossier if you have submitted the pay slips as dossier items.

The pay slips are added to the dossier of the employee and/or the employer, depending on the employer settings. However, if you apply a filter by employee, the pay slips are not saved to the employer dossier.

If you have saved the final pay slips for a specific period as a dossier item and you again generate pay slips for the period in question, the saved pay slips are not overwritten. You can delete the dossier item with the original pay slips from the dossier.

To view a pay slip in a dossier:

  1. Go to: HR / Payroll / Salary processing cockpit.
  2. Open the period line.
  3. Select the employee.
  4. Click on the action: Employee.

    Profit opens the properties of the employee.

  5. Go to the tab: Dossier.
  6. Open the pay slip.

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