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Annual pay slip

Per employee the annual pay slip shows the gross-net calculation, the 'SV' wage calculation basis and the 'loon LH' calculation basis for up to 13 periods. In addition, the annual pay slip shows the information that is also at the bottom of the pay slip. At the top of the annual pay slip is the data of the tax authority agency and the salary master data for the employee. You only see the agency and salary data that have a start date within the year the report refers to. You see a maximum of three history lines.

You can expand the report with additional data, such as extra headings or additional periods. You can also add specific wage summaries. Please refer to the explanation for more information.

To generate the annual pay slip:

  1. Go to: HR / Payroll / Salary processing cockpit.
  2. Select the period line.
  3. Click on the action: Output.
  4. Open the report: Annual pay slip.
  5. Specify if RAE entries should be included in the period in which they were paid or in the period they refer to.
  6. Click on: Next.
  7. If necessary, select an employee.

    The annual pay slip is an extensive report and using a selection by employee, can save you a lot of time.

  8. Click on: Finish.

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