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Configure pay slips

In Profit you can adjust the configuration of pay slips.



AFAS supplies default reports for the pay slip with Profit. If you want to make a change to a default report, first copy the report. You can make the changes in the copy. You then link the new pay slip report to the employer.

Profit can print pay slips and annual statements, send them by e-mail and/or add them to the dossier of the employee or employer. For this purpose, you specify the settings per employer and employee.

Per employer, you also specify the preferred settings for generating the pay slip:

  • Pay slip type

    Per employer you can specify preferred settings for generating the pay slips. You determine the type of pay slip Profit generates per selected period.

  • RAE pay slip

    In Profit you determine whether you do not want to print the RAE pay slips or that Profit should not print them if the amount is below a limit amount.

Leave balance on pay slip

If you want to display the leave balance on the pay slip, you can use the Digital pay slip including leave balances (Profit) report. You can customise this report by first copying it.

If you are not using the leave module in Profit, but track the leave using wage components or actual costing, you can use wage summaries to add the balance to the pay slip report yourself. A similar procedure applies to showing the holiday allowance on the pay slip.


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