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Configure the pay slip language

Wage slips are available in English, French, Dutch and Frysian Dutch. You can generate wage slips in another language or a language per employee.


The pay slip you record at the employer level applies to all employees:

  • All employees receive a Dutch pay slip

    You link one of the default pay slips to the employer, for example the Digital salary indicator (Profit) report. You can copy this pay slip and adjust the copy if you want.

  • All employees receive a pay slip in the same deviating language

    You create a separate foreign pay slip and link it to the employer. This pay slip applies to all employees. You translate the identifications and wage components.

  • Employees receive pay slips in deviating languages

    You create a separate pay slip in which you make all descriptions language-dependent using scripting. This scripting only applies to the field labels, not to the content. You link this pay slip to the employer. You translate the identifications and wage components and you link the correct language to each employee.

  • Set a language

    Link the correct ISO language per language.

  • Change the pay slip

    You translate the labels (descriptions) on the pay slip. If you want to generate pay slips in multiple languages, apply scripting on the pay slip. If you want to use scripting, you add the Language code field to the pay slip data collection. Contact your AFAS consultant for applying scripting.

  • Record the pay slip per employer

    You link the pay slip per employer and this choice applies to all employees.

  • Set the language per employee

    You link the correct language per employee. If you do not link a language, Profit uses the Dutch language.

  • Add a wage component translation

    In Profit you can translate descriptions of wage components into multiple languages. In this case, the language setting in the properties of the employee or employer ensures that the correct language appears on the pay slip.


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