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Add the translation of a wage component

In Profit you can translate descriptions of wage components into multiple languages. In this case, the language setting in the properties of the employee or employer ensures that the correct language appears on the pay slip.

To add the translation of a wage component:

  1. Go to:
    • General / Configuration / Country settings / Translations.
    • HR / Payroll / Configuration / Translations.
  2. Open the properties of the table:
    • Identifications

      In this table, you can provide translations of the descriptions 'Brutoloon', 'Nettoloon' and 'Te betalen loon' to be used on the payslip.

    • Wage components

      You can use this table to translate the descriptions of all wage components.

    After opening the table, you see an entry layout.

  3. Select the Language code for the language for which you want to add new translations. If your basic language is Dutch, you now want to translate your descriptions, for instance, into English.
  4. If applicable, enter a selection of wage components.
  5. Click on the action: F5. Select.
  6. Select the line to be translated The part of the original language that you need not translate is greyed out.
  7. In Translated description, enter a text in the selected language.
  8. Click on: Save

    The translation is saved and the screen remains open. You can now translate another code.

  9. Click on: Finish.

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