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Add the translation of an article

In Profityou can translate descriptions of items (articles, etc.), routes, units and locations, etc. into multiple languages. The language setting in the properties of the sales contact or purchase contact ensures that the item is displayed and printed in the correct language. On the reports and in the entry layouts, you can then print the translated code and the translated description.

Translate the product description:

  1. Go to:
    • General / Configuration / Country settings / Translations.
    • Order Management / Management / Configuration / Translations.
  2. Open the properties of the table for which you want to enter translations, such as Items for article descriptions.

    You now see an entry layout. You will translate line by line.

  3. Select the Language code for the language for which you want to add new translations. If your basic language is Dutch, you now want to translate your descriptions, for instance, into English.
  4. Enter a selection of item codes.
  5. Click on: Select.
  6. Select the line to be translated The part of the original language that you need not translate is greyed out.

    The specific fields that you can translate depend on the type of table you want to translate.

  7. In Translated item code, enter a new item code for the language in which you will use it. You can also use numbers here. If the item code should remain the same, then do not enter anything.
  8. In Translated description, enter a text in the selected language.
  9. If you enter translations for a custom table, then, if applicable, you can also translate the Translated extra description and Remark fields (at the bottom of the entry layout).
  10. Click on: Save

    The translation is saved and the screen remains open. You can now translate another code.

  11. Click on: Finish
  12. Now add the fields to your entry layouts or your reports. 

To print a translation on a sales order:  

You can print the translations on your report.

  1. Go to: Order Management / Output / Management / Report.
  2. Open the properties of the report in which you want to print the translations.
  3. Replace the fields whose translations you want to print.

    You can add the fields with Translation in the description of the field to the report so the translations are included.

  4. Save the changes.
  5. Close the report.

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