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Use translated fields in a report

You can print the translated fields in a report by adding specific fields to the report. The language in which the fields are printed depends on the language code in the properties of the debtor.

To add translated fields to a report:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Output / Management / Report.
  2. Open the properties of the report.

    You cannot modify a default report. A default report can be identified by the word (Profit). If you do want to do so, first make a copy of the default report and then modify the copy.

  3. Click on: Modify.
  4. Add the fields with translated values. The field name can be recognised by the indication 'Vertaalde...'.

    Bas_Vertaalde velden in rapport gebruiken

  5. Add the Translated code and Translated description fields to the report.
  6. Save the report.
  7. Close the report.

    If you now print this report for a sales contact for which you have selected a deviating language code, then the code and description will be printed in that language.

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