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Set a language for a sales contact

In the creditor and debtor properties, you can record which language they use. Based on this setting, fields in reports can be completed in that language instead of Dutch.

If the purchase contact, employee or sales contact uses the same language as the default language in which your reports and entry layouts are prepared, then you need not set any language. If your reports, etc., are in Dutch, then you do not have to specify any settings for the article descriptions for Dutch purchase contacts and sales contacts.

If you want the report to be completely in the other language, then you must add a new report in that language and link it to the international contact using a sales contact profile based on that language. In this case, in the report, you also use the 'Translated description' field instead of the default field 'Description'.

To set the language for a sales/purchase contact:

  1. Go to:
    • Financial / Debtor / Debtor
    • Order Management / Sales / Sales contact
    • CRM /Organisation/person / Sales contact
    • Subscriptions / Subscription / Sales contact
    • Projects / Project / Sales contact.
  2. Go to the tab: General.
  3. In Language, select the language of the debtor/sales contact or creditor/purchase contact.
  4. Click on: OK.

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