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Preferred settings for pay slips

Per employer you can specify preferred settings for generating the pay slips. You determine the type of pay slip Profit generates per selected period. You can choose from:

  • Original pay slips

    Profit only generates the selected period. If you select a main period, Profit only generates a pay slip for the main period. If you select a correction period, Profit only generates the correction slip.

  • Replacement pay slips

    Profit generates a replacement pay slip including the main period and the correction periods, regardless of whether you select a main or a correction period.


    If you generate a pay slip for a preceding period, you want to issue a replacement pay slip to the employee. To do this, select the Replacement pay slips (main period incl. adjustments) option.

When generating the pay slips, you can always still change the preferred value.

To specify preferred settings for pay slips:

  1. Go to: HR / Organisation / Employer.
  2. Open the employer’s properties.
  3. Go to the tab: Preferred value Payroll.
  4. Select the desired pay slip type in the Period frame.

    Pay_Voorkeursinstellingen loonstroken (10)

  5. Select the Print RAE pay slips check box under Retroactive effect.

    If you do not select this check box, Profit does not print RAE pay slips for the employer.

  6. Determine the RAE pay slip type:
    • Replacement pay slips

      In the replacement pay slip, Profit processes the RAE entries for an approved period. This is the pay slip for the approved period, as it should be.

    • Wage slip difference

      The difference pay slip is a pay slip on which Profit only prints the RAE entries for an approved period.

    Pay_Afdrukken van TWK-stroken (10)

  7. Click on: OK.

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