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Check communication messages

You check whether sending and receiving messages has been successful.

You view outgoing messages (sent by you) and return messages in the communication environment (not in the sub-environments). For example, if you have prepared a VAT declaration in a sub-environment, you can view all messages via the communication environment. In the sub-environment, you can view the status of the VAT declaration.

Electronic messages generated in Profit are given a unique number. The communication service uses this number to send the message. Based on this number, it can link any return messages to the messages sent. For example, messages from Digipoort , which can be linked to a sent message (Message to OTP), are not visible individually, but are processed in the line of the sent message. The status of the declaration is then changed, together with the Last status change field. If there are multiple return messages, then only the message with the highest status is processed. This prevents a message (or declaration) that has been accepted by the tax authority from being restored to the Sent status.

If you receive return messages that are not linked to a sent message, then these are still visible separately in the view. This type of message will have the subtype ONB (unknown message). Check these messages and find a solution.

To view and check communication messages:

  1. Open the central communication environment.
  2. Go to: General / Communication service / Communication message.


    You only use this function for checking messages and solving problems. You check the status of the declaration in the declaration cockpit in the sub-environment.

    You can, however, add an additional view to this function and include fields in it with additional information.

  3. Check the Status and Do not send outgoing message columns.
  4. Take note of the time of the message with the error message and the ID and look for the message in the communication log for an explanation and possible solutions.
  5. If an error occurs, you have the following options:
    • Open the properties of the message and go to the Message action tab. If there is a message here, you can open it and view the entire message.
    • If the Do not send outgoing message check box is selected in the view, this may have the following cause: the message was prepared, and then a change was applied and the message was prepared again. If you still want to send the message, then click Repairing message status.
    • If a message was rejected by the Tax authority, then you must open the environment from which the message originated. Go to Fiscal / Income tax / Income tax client or Fiscal / Corporate tax / Client Vpb and view the rejected declarations view.
    • Open the properties of the message and view the general features and corresponding return messages. For each outgoing message you will virtually always receive a return message.
    • You can save an attachment via the Save attachment action in the Attachment tab.
    • Select a different environment

      If the communication environment cannot be found anymore, then a message cannot be sent or processed. Profit automatically detects that further action is required to deal with the message. You can open the message and specify in the properties which environment should be used for sending or processing. You can do this only for messages that require this. You can select an environment yourself, or have the problem resolved automatically.

      For messages that have been processed correctly, you cannot select an environment in the properties of a message.

To use an analysis to check old communication messages:

Communication messages from Profit 2011 are not displayed in General / Communication service / Communication message. You can still view these messages as follows:

  • Via an analysis based on the Message exchange with tax authority data collection.
  • Via General / Communication service / Communication message (old) (using a consult code only).

To use a report to check old communication messages:

  • By using the Message exchange with tax authority (Profit) report

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