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View the communication log

Problems may occur while sending, processing or receiving messages. Profit can therefore display an error message or warning. You can view these in the communication log.

In the description of the log message you will see at which step in the procedure the message was generated, for example during Send message or Processing message.

At the end or a line you will see the Level Code used to identify the log line.

  • I - Information
  • F - Error message

    This error message is stored with the line and can be viewed.

To view and check messages in the event of a communication problem:

  1. Go to: General / Communication service / Communication log.

    You can now see all log lines from all environments.

  2. Select a line with an error message.

    You will now see in which environment the problem occurred and at the bottom in Info you will see the error message.

  3. If necessary, copy the text shown under Info, so that you can include this in an incident report for AFAS Support.
  4. Resolve any problems.

    In some cases you will have to check the contents of the underlying message, to see if it contains valid data.

    If the message '210 Authenticatie niet gelukt': is shown, check whether the correct certificate is being used and check that the certificate is known to your Service Provider.

    If there are problems at the receiver’s end, you can try to resend the messages later.

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