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Send communication messages

You can send message from Profit to the relevant agencies or organisations.

You always send messages from the communication environment and not from the sub-environments. There is one exception to this rule: The communication environment is not used for sending and receiving e-invoices (UBL). If you have configured the Process e-invoices using e-mail or from a folder communication profile in a certain environment, you must send and receive these messages via this environment as well.

You will only need the below functions if you do not send messages automatically from the command line. There may also be some module-related dispatch actions, for example inFiscal.

To send all outgoing communication messages and to receive all incoming messages:

  1. Go to: General / Communication service / Send and receive.

    After you submit a declaration in the Communication service, you may receive multiple lines with the description ‘Incoming message’.


    Tax_Koppeling WUS (10)

    The above example includes two lines with Incoming message as the description. The number of lines (usually 1, 2 or 3 lines) depends on various factors over which Profit Fiscal has no control. It depends on how fast the Tax authority is and how much time it takes between the ‘Submit’ and ‘Receive’ actions. If you send a lot of messages at the same time, the tax authority can go ahead and start processing them. If Profit Fiscal performs the ‘Receive’ action at the same time, all statuses are retrieved in one go.

An incoming message can have multiple attachments. The more attachments, the fewer the lines in the view.

To select and send communication messages:

  1. Go to: General / Communication service / Communication message.
  2. Select the messages you want to send.
  3. Click on: Send message.


    If two users start to send and receive at the same time, a message is displayed that an error has occurred while sending and receiving messages.

    This message may also be shown if there was a failure. The function will be released automatically after 30 minutes and you can try again.

To recover communication messages and re-send them:

If sending a message has failed, you can re-send the message. You must restore the message status before you can re-send the message.

You should only send a declaration message if a more recent version of the relevant declaration message is not present.


You have sent versions 1 and 2 of a declaration. After this the tax authority informs you that you must send the declaration once again. In this situation you can reset the status of declaration 2 and resend this declaration.

You are not allowed to re-send version 1 of the declaration.

  1. Go to: General / Communication service / Communication message.
  2. Select the messages you want to restore.
  3. Click on: Repairing message status.

    The status is restored.

  4. Click on: Send message.

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