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Check, view, prepare and send a wage declaration (default procedure)

If you process the salaries for a declaration term of a month or four weeks, Profit automatically generates a wage declaration line for the relevant period.



The wage declaration consists of an employer part and one part per employee. The declaration is prepared from the Salary processing cockpit. You process the salaries in the way you are used to. You can only prepare a wage declaration for approved periods.

The default procedure for managing the wage declaration is as follows:


Profit comes with the predefined alert Employer/Wage declaration: declaration term end date (Profit). This alert ensures that you automatically receive a warning in InSite when the final submission date for the wage declaration approaches.


  • Check a wage declaration

    Before sending the wage declaration you check it. During this technical check, Profit checks the wage declaration data in the same way as the tax authority does before accepting the message.

  • Resolve messages when checking the declaration

    If Profit detects errors while checking the wage declaration, a message will appear. You can check the error in the declaration by opening the declaration line.

  • Prepare and send a wage declaration

    You finalise the wage declaration by preparing it for sending. You then send it to the Tax Authority (automatically).

  • View wage declaration reports

    For the purpose of checking the wage declaration, in addition to the digital wage declaration, wage declaration reports and payment reports are available.

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