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After the preparation, Profit again generates a new complete declaration

If after preparing a complete declaration, Profit immediately generates a new complete declaration for the same period, this means that there are not yet approved RAE entries for this period. These RAE entries have been processed in a period that has not been approved. For example, you have prepared the period 1 declaration and then Profit automatically generates a new complete declaration for period 1.

Wage declaration and RAE

If you have not yet prepared the complete declaration for the period, the RAE entry is processed in the open complete declaration. In that case, no correction declaration line is generated for that period. If you have prepared the complete declaration for the period, the RAE entry is processed in a correction declaration or a new complete declaration. The declaration type depends on the end date of the declaration term:

  • RAE entries that are within the declaration term, lead to a new complete declaration.
  • RAE entries that are outside of the declaration term, are sent with the next period as a correction declaration.

On a timeline, this looks as follows:

In the above timeline, the complete declaration for January has been sent in January. In case of an RAE entry, the following happens:

  • At moment 1 an RAE entry for January is approved. Profit automatically generates a new complete declaration for January. You can check this new complete declaration and prepare it for sending.
  • At moment 2 an RAE entry for January is approved. Profit automatically generates a new correction declaration for January, because the declaration term has elapsed and you have already sent the January declaration. The correction declaration will be sent together with the next complete declaration. If the declaration for period 3 is the next complete declaration to be sent, the correction declaration for period 1 will be included when the complete period 3 declaration is sent.

Resolve a message

You can resolve this in the following ways:

  • You can wait until the declaration time frame for period 1 has elapsed. The complete declaration line then becomes a correction declaration line, meaning no complete declaration is open anymore.
  • You can delete the provisional processing by selecting HR / Payroll / Salary processing cockpit and then the Delete processing action. As a result, there is no RAE entry referring to period 1.
  • You can create a correction period in the Salary processing cockpit, then process and approve it, and that also means that the RAE entry has been approved. If you subsequently prepare the complete declaration again, it becomes final (and contains the approved RAE entry, meaning you should be careful with any changes to the declaration).


    A correction that has not been approved, is not included in the wage declaration.

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