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The combination of 'Ouderenvrijstelling' and premium reduction is not allowed

If Profit reports this then both the 'Ouderenvrijstelling' and premium reduction have been specified in the tax authority's agency settings for the employee. Because of the increased control by the tax authority, this is no longer allowed.

You can resolve this by adjusting the tax authority agency settings for the employee. Select the 'Ouderenvrijstelling' check box and then select the correct value for Premium reduction.

After adjusting the agency, process and approve a correction period. You can then check the declaration again.

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  1. Resolve messages when checking the declaration
  2. The data for the wage declaration cannot be written. Errors have occurred
  3. After the preparation, Profit once again generates a new complete declaration
  4. A complete declaration for period X is open which has not yet been prepared.
  5. ‘WAO/IVA/WGA’ assessable wages cannot be greater than uniform WAO premium/differentiated ‘WGA’ premium wages
  6. The combination of a 'WW', 'ZW' or 'WAO/WIA' employee insurance with sector risk group "0000" is not allowed
  7. The sector of the sector (risk group) for the employee must be the same as the preferred sector (risk group) at employer level
  8. The combination of 'Ouderenvrijstelling' and premium reduction is not allowed
  9. The 'WIA (IVA/WGA) basispremie’ premium basis cannot be greater than the 'WGA' premium basis
  10. The configuration of the payroll statement is not correct
  11. The value of the field cannot be negative
  12. That is because the sum of the premium reductions cannot be greater than the employee insurance premiums, including the sector premium


Wage declaration