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View corrections to a wage declaration

To determine the origin of a declaration correction or corrections to a Complete declaration, you can view the digital wage declaration and pay slip in Profit.

A correction can have several causes:

  • CLA Update

    A CLA update can cause wage components to be calculated with retroactive effect. Please refer to the release notes for the CLA update for more information.

  • Wage entries

    You can post or change wage entries with retroactive effect. This applies to both variable and fixed wage entries. Please refer to Wage entry overview for information on variable wage entries and to Parameter log or Manage payroll arrangements for information on fixed wage entries.

  • Parameter change in wage components

    A change in the parameters of wage components at the CLA or employer level can cause corrections. Please refer to Parameter log or Manage payroll arrangements for more information.

  • Change in the employee master data

    Changes to an employee's master data affect the salary processing. Please refer to the Log for more information.

To view the origin/reason for a correction:

  1. Go to: HR / Payroll / Salary processing cockpit.
  2. Select the period line.
  3. Click on the action: Declaration.
  4. Open the declaration line. (including corrections).

    At the bottom of the overview you see the employees. Write down the employee codes for the employees for which corrections were created.

  5. Go to: HR / Employee / Employee.
  6. Select the employee.
  7. Click on the action: Consult salary.
  8. Open the period line.
  9. Open the TWK gegevens gestart in periode X data.

    You can view the differences and find out the cause using the various check functionalities.

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