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Profit Update Center

The Profit Update Center ensures you always have the latest Build, Update and Patch.


Versions, Build and Updates are part of the regular AFAS delivery program. This does not apply to Patches and Hotfixes: these always refer to a specific issue. A patch or hotfix is almost always included in the next Update.

When releasing new functionality, AFAS distinguishes between the following options:  

  • Version

    Once every 2 to 3 years AFAS releases a completely new version of Profit. A new version is always based on a specific, modern vision. A version includes significant enhancements or changes to the functionality of existing products or even an entirely new product. You should only install a new version after first speaking to your consultant.

  • Build

    On average AFAS releases a new Build twice a year. A Build contains necessary changes to existing functionality and new functionality. A new Build may also be released to comply with new legislation.

  • Update

    Approximately ten times a year you can download and run an update. An update contains minor enhancements and extensions.

    You can not download Update 1 as each new Build starts with Update 1. For example, if you have received and run Build 3, then Profit has been updated up to Build 3, Update 1.

    The updates are cumulative: An Update also includes the previous updates of the same Build.


    You have installed Profit 2014, Build 2. This means Profit has been updated to Build 2, Update 1.

    You have not run Update 2.

    If AFAS has made Update 4 available, you can run it immediately. It is not necessary to first run Updates 2 and 3.

  • Patch

    A patch is used to resolve one specific problem for customers who have encountered this problem. If you have not encountered the relevant problem, you should not run the patch.

    AFAS will include almost all patches in the next Profit Update.

  • Hotfix

    A hotfix can be released on an ad hoc basis. A hotfix resolves one specific problem for one specific customer. A hotfix is not published on this site, but supplied directly to the relevant customer by the Profit Support Center.

  • CLA Updates

    AFAS supports over 160 CLAs (known as ‘Profit CLAs’). These CLAs are kept up-to-date by the AFAS CLA Management Team. After amendments have been made to laws and regulations, you can update your CLAs by downloading and running a CLA Update.

The Profit Help contains 'New in ...' pages with information about Builds and Updates. The release notes contain a list of resolved issues.


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