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CLA Update

You can download CLA Updates via your customer portal.

In AFAS Online AFAS imports the new CLA Updates for customers. AFAS checks the version of the CLAs on a daily basis and updates them if necessary.

In AFAS Online CLAs are not updated to the new version if:

  • No employees with an active contract are linked to the CLA.
  • The CLA does not have the last published version.
  • You have selected the Cao niet updaten check box in the CLA properties:

    If you deselect the field, AFAS will update the CLA the next night when there is a new CLA Update.

    If the check box is selected, you cannot update the CLA, not even manually.


The CLAs are regularly updated by the AFAS CLA Management Team. New rules, changed minimum wages, etc. are implemented as quickly as possible. This is why it is important that you regularly update your Basis or Profit CLA by importing a new CLA Update. AFAS recommends that you keep track of all new updates and do not postpone importing the new CLA Updates.

There are two reasons to download and import a CLA Update:

  • Update existing CLAs

    If you import a CLA Update into a Profit environment, Profit automatically updates the CLAs in question. For example, if you use the 'Detailhandel Boekhandel' CLA, import the 'Detailhandel Boekhandel' Profit CLA. Profit updates the CLA.

  • Start using a new CLA

    Import the relevant Profit CLA into the Profit environment. Contact the consultant if the required Profit CLA is not present. Your consultant can find out whether the Profit CLA will be available shortly. If the CLA is not available in the short term, use the Basic CLA, or a Profit CLA that can serve as a good base for your CLA, for instance, because it already has a pension scheme.

Minimum wage CLA Update

In June AFAS delivers the CLAs with the changes to the minimum wages as from 1 July and the impact on a large number of wage scales. All CLAs for the delivery of the minimum-wage update are published at the latest before 1 July on the Update Center. In the CLA Release Notes of your CLA you can find whether the new minimum wages have been added.


If you have employees with a fixed minimum-wage salary you change the minimum salary yourself in the employee's properties.

If you are using your own wage scales, increase the minimum salary yourself in the wage scales.

Year-end transition CLA Update

AFAS will provide the Profit CLAs for the new year as soon as we have entered and processed the new figures concerning the legislation and pension and industry regulations. If the figures are not yet complete we will wait as long as possible before delivering the CLAs. It is therefore possible that delivery of the CLAs will be delayed because the agency has not yet published all of the figures.

If an agency has not yet announced the figures before the final date of delivery, we deliver the CLA together with the figures of the previous year. In that case we will provide a new update during the course of January, as soon as the agency has notified us of all the data.

The final date for the delivery of the CLA for the year-end transition is on the Friday of the first full week of the year. You will find more information about this in the Help on the year-end transition.

Agreement in principle on a CLA

The CLA Management Team never updates a Profit CLA on the basis of an agreement in principle. The CLA Management Team follows the developments regarding CLAs closely and will incorporate new legislation as soon as the new CLA texts have been agreed to by the unions.

RSS feed

AFAS keeps its customers up-to-date on new CLA Updates via an RSS feed. If you subscribe to this (via the AFAS Customer Portal:), you automatically receive emails for new CLA Updates. For flawless payroll services, install all of the CLA Updates offered without skipping any.



CLA Update