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Submit an incident to AFAS Support

AFAS Support can assist you when you use Profit. Support may be subject to certain conditions.


You can use the AFAS Customer Portal: to submit incidents that you cannot resolve using the KnowledgeBase. Your submitted incidents will be dealt with by an AFAS Support employee. As soon as your incident has been dealt with, you will receive a notification by e-mail or AFAS Support will contact you by phone. You can view the solution online by going to the incident summary on the Customer portal.

Previously submitted incidents can also be found in the AFAS Customer Portal:.


  • Use the AFAS Knowledge Base to view Profit Help and release notes. New functionality in a Version, Build or Update is briefly explained in the 'New in ...' pages in the Profit Help.
  • Install a new Build or run an Update

    Your issue may have been resolved in a new Build or Update. You can check this in the release notes for the new Build or Update.

If the above steps have been unsuccessful, please submit an incident to AFAS Support.

  • View the AFAS KnowledgeBase

    You can use AFAS KnowledgeBase to run a search on the Profit training videos, Profit Help, the release notes and the FAQs.

  • Add an incident

    You can submit your incident in the AFAS Customer Portal:. Alternatively, you can use an incident for a desire (to change or add a feature). Please include 'desire' in the description.

  • View an incident

    You can track your current incidents in the AFAS Customer portal. Current incidents are incidents that are still pending.

  • View the incident history

    You can track your previously submitted incidents in the AFAS Customer portal. This makes it easy for you to retrieve the history of an incident.


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