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Send a wage declaration using FOS

If a declaration is larger than 2 MB or has more than 5000 employees, you submit the declaration using FOS.



You submit the declaration using the 'FOS' communication profile if (at least) one of the following conditions is met:

  • The wage declaration contains more than 5,000 employees.
  • The wage declaration message is usually bigger than 2 MB. It is possible that in the course of a year, you exceed this limit, for example in the case of a large number of corrections. In case you incidentally exceed the limit, you can continue to send using the normal procedure.

    The 2 MB limit does not apply to the XML file, but to the size of the message sent. Depending on the compression factor, which is different for each message, a 15 MB XML file usually can be delivered without exceeding the 2 MB limit.

If you have to send FOS messages for one employer, the tax authority allows you to use this method for employers not meeting the above criteria as well. Because Profit cannot read FOS-based return messages for wage declarations, we recommend you only use FOS for employers for which it is required. Use the normal sending method for the other employers, so Profit will import the return messages for the wage declarations of these employers into Profit.

Annual wage statements in combination with FOS

If you use the ‘FOS’ sending method, you cannot submit the annual wage statements from Profit to the tax authority. In that case, you submit the annual wage statements to the tax authority by manually sending an XML file. You can find the XML file on the application server in '..\AFAS Data\Environments\[Environment name]\Units\[Environment name]\Human Resource\Loonaangifte'.


The file names of the annual wage statements begin with the employer code.

After sending the XML file, you contact the tax authority.




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