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Manage payroll arrangements

You can use the Maintain payroll arrangements functionality to check your payroll configuration. This function allows you to view and change all parameter value entries at the CLA, employer and employee levels.

This functionality enables you to quickly generate an overview of the values of a wage component and allows you to quickly trace back the level at which a value has been entered.


Suppose you would like to know to which employees the ‘levensloopregeling’ applies.

You can apply a filter to the wage component as well as to the parameter in the Maintain payroll arrangements functionality in order to ascertain the employees to which the 'Levensloop Medewerkerbijdrage' wage component is applied.

This function does not display the data for pro forma employees.


You can display the logging in the views. This lets you see who and/or when the value was recorded and/or changed.

At the start of a new year you can assign new annual values to the parameters of your own wage components, if necessary.

To view and change payroll arrangement management:

  1. Go to: HR / Payroll / Overview / Maintain payroll arrangements.

    Profit CLAs are supplied with a default configuration that is maintained by AFAS. To make a distinction between the default configuration and your own configuration, you see your own wage components in a different colour (purple).

  2. Open the view:
    • Schemes (1. CLA)

      This view displays the parameters with the current or last entered value at the CLA level for all CLAs.

    • Regulations (2. Employer)

      This view displays the parameters with the current or last entered value at the employer level for all employers.

    • Regulations (3. Employee)

      This view displays the parameters with the current or last entered value at the employee level for all employees.

  3. Open the parameter's properties.

    Profit displays the History parameter view.

  4. Click on: New.
  5. Enter the start date, end date and value. Entering an end date is not mandatory.
  6. Click on: Finish.

    Profit now displays the added parameter value.

  7. Click on: OK.

    Profit displays the new value in the view.

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