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Resend a wage declaration using another 'Loonheffingen' number

If you submitted the wage declaration using an incorrect 'Loonheffingen' number, the tax authority will ask you to submit zero declarations for these wage declarations.

We recommend to manually submit this zero declaration via the tax authority's website. That way you prevent that a lot of cumbersome activities have to be performed in Profit just to create a zero declaration.

To record a 'Loonheffingen' number:

  1. Go to: HR / Organisation / Employer.
  2. Open the employer’s properties.
  3. Go to the tab: Agency.
  4. Open the agency properties of the tax authority.
  5. Go to the tab: 'Loonheffing' number.
  6. Open the period line.
  7. Enter the correct number.
  8. Click on: OK.

If the 'Loonheffingen' number has already been changed and you have not received a response from the tax authority, but still want to resubmit the declaration with the correct 'Loonheffingen' number, follow this procedure:

  1. Go to: HR / Payroll / Declaration cockpit.
  2. Click on: New.
  3. Select the Create new full or correction declaration line check box.
  4. Select the period line.
  5. Click on: Finish.

    A new correction declaration line is created with the None status.

  6. Select the declaration line.
  7. Click on the action: Properties of declaration line.
  8. Select the Send correction as full declaration check box.
  9. Click on: OK.

    You can now prepare and send the declaration.

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