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Suppress the wage declaration for the first months of a year

If you start using Profit halfway through a wage year (not from period 1), you already used another package to prepare the wage declaration for the preceding periods. In this case, suppress the wage declaration for these periods and resend them. If you did not submit wage declarations for the preceding periods using a different package, then you only suppress the wage declarations for these periods.

To ensure the correct processing of the RAE entries in the salary processing, we recommend that you use Profit to resend the wage declarations for periods that were already prepared via another package to the tax authority and that you discuss this with the tax authority.

In Profit, you always add the following for each employer:

  • Tax authority agency with 1 January of the year in question as the start date
  • Salary processing plan starting from period 1

You process the wages for the employees starting from period 1. This applies even if you start using Profit halfway through the wage year. This is necessary for a correct application of the VCR calculation method.

To avoid submitting a wage declaration for periods for which you already have submitted a wage declaration some other way, you can suppress the wage declaration. If relevant, you can also use this option if you manually enter the declaration using the tax authority website.


If you suppress a wage declaration line and then prepare it, the suppression can no longer be undone. However, you can still use Profit to submit the declaration by making a copy of the line.

To suppress sending a wage declaration:

  1. Go to: HR / Payroll / Salary processing cockpit.
  2. Select the period line.
  3. Click on the action: Declaration.

    Profit displays the lines for which a declaration can be performed.

  4. Select the period line.

    Suppress each period individually in chronological order starting from period 1.

  5. Click on the action: Properties of declaration line.
  6. Select the Suppress sending of wage declaration check box.
  7. Click on: OK.

    You can finalise the wage declaration line using the Prepare action. The preparation blocks the settings of the wage declaration line, meaning the suppression of the sending can no longer be undone. The declaration status of the line in question is set to Suppressed shipment.

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