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Correct the 'BSN' and/or the income relationship number in the declaration

If a declaration contains no or an incorrect social security number ('BSN') for an employee, correct this in the employee's properties. When checking the declaration for the current period, Profit compares the social security number in the current declaration with the number in the last prepared declaration. In case of a difference, Profit generates new correction declaration lines. This procedure also applies to correcting the number of the income relationship of the employee.

If a declaration line with the None status already exists for the declaration time frame, Profit does not generate a new declaration line for this time frame. In that case Profit includes the change in the existing declaration line.


Wage year 2011 is fully processed and approved. For the 2012 wage year, period 1 has been processed provisionally. In this example the last approved period is period 12 of 2011.

If you enter or change the social security number ('BSN'), Profit generates a correction declaration line for the periods 1 to 12 of 2011.

If the employee was also employed during preceding years, for example 2009 and 2010, and you have processed the wages for that year in Profit, Profit generates correction declaration lines across years for these years (up to 5 years).

This way, you revoke the delivered 'BSN' and income relationship number and deliver the valid 'BSN' and income relationship number as a correction. This process does not result in extra work you or the tax authority, because is is fully automated.


In this situation Profit generates a new declaration. You cannot revoke or resubmit a declaration once it has been submitted.

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