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Quarterly declaration (zero declaration)

If you process wages on a quarterly basis and submit a monthly declaration, an unbalanced situation arises. For the first two months you must submit a declaration, even though Profit only performs a calculation in period 3. As you are obliged to submit a declaration, you must submit a Zero declaration for periods 1 and 2. This declaration does include the employee and employer fields that have not been calculated, but does not include any calculated fields. Zero declarations are not generated automatically. If the zero declarations would be generated together with period 3, you would be submitting the period 1 data too late. If the zero declarations for periods 1 and 2 are generated together with period 3, problems would occur if the employer were to terminate employment.


Although you can immediately create zero declaration lines for multiple periods, we recommend you only prepare them at the end of the wage time frame. Otherwise, employees that have entered employment in the course of the month would not be included in the submission to the tax authority.

Note: quarterly wage processing can be a tricky business. For example, an employee can only get one month of franchise per quarter. You may want to consider switching to a monthly or four-weekly wage processing.

You can also generate zero declarations in case of half-yearly or yearly wage processing and a monthly declaration time frame. For a manager/major shareholder who does not receive real wages, this can mean that you have to submit eleven zero declarations without paying any 'Loonheffingen' and one declaration with a payment of the 'Loonheffingen' on the fictitious wages.

In the case of an employer without employees, generate an empty declaration.

To generate a zero declaration:

  1. Go to: HR / Payroll / Salary processing cockpit.
  2. Click on the action: Declaration.
  3. Click on: New.
  4. Select the Zero declaration check box.
  5. Click on: Next.
  6. Select the period line.
  7. Click on: Finish.

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