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Add a blanket order

You add a blanket order in which you record the sales contact, item, unit of measure, the agreed quantity and the agreed price. If applicable, also set the end date before which the sales contact must have purchased the items.

To add a blanket order:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Sales process / Verkoopbasisorder.
  2. Click on: New.
  3. In Sales contact, select the sales contact you have agreements with that you want to record in this blanket order.
  4. In Processing method, select Blanket order.
  5. In End date, enter the date on which the blanket order will expire.
  6. Add the line with the article, the quantity and the price.

    You can add blanket order lines for articles, work types, costs and assembled items (of the Assembly, Explosion and Product types). You can therefore also use blanket orders for items for which you do not track the stock.

    In an assembled item of the Explosion type, the Generate order lines option must be selected. In that case, only the explosion components of the article type, assembled items of the Assembly or Product type, costs and work types are included in the blanket order.

  7. If applicable, select a different unit than the basic unit in Unit.

    In the sales order you can then only use the alternative unit. However, you can add a line for both units to the blanket order. In the sales order, you can add only one item line per unit.

  8. Complete the order. 

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