Blanket orders

A blanket order is an agreement with your sales contact regarding the quantities of articles to be delivered at an agreed price over a specific period of time. As soon as you add a line to a sales order, Profit checks whether a blanket order applies to this article.



The advantage of a blanket order is that you always have the correct price in the sales order. This is especially important if you have an agreement with a longer term.


If you increase the price of your article in the course of the year, the price of the blanket order continues to apply for the sales contact with the blanket order, provided the sales contact stays within the agreed quantity.

Profit also checks for you whether the price is still valid in terms of the end date and the agreed quantity. If your sales contact purchases more from you than was agreed in the blanket order, then the agreed price in the blanket order no longer applies. If the blanket order is no longer valid, then Profit calculates the normal price of the article.

The blanket order itself does not influence the stock. Profit does not write off the stock against the price in the blanket order until the sales order has been placed. You can view the total quantity delivered in the blanket order.



  • Add a blanket order

    You add a blanket order in which you record the sales contact, item, unit of measure, the agreed quantity and the agreed price. If applicable, also set the end date before which the sales contact must have purchased the items.

  • Add a sales order for a blanket order

    You add a sales order and if the details match a blanket order, Profit will suggest linking these orders.

  • View and/or modify a blanket order

    You can view a blanket order, for example because you want to know what quantities have already been delivered.