Change a sales order

You can change the sales order.


  • Release a blocked order

    There are a number of reasons why an order can be blocked, For instance, because the credit limit of the sales contact has been exceeded or because the order amount is too low or too high. It is also possible to have all orders blocked automatically, for example, because the orders need to be approved (=released) by an authorised person.

  • Change a contact in an active sales quotation/order

    You can still change some data in the header of a purchase/sales order, counter/direct invoice, cost estimate or quotation after you have completed it. For example, you can change the contact or the VAT duty. A prerequisite is that the order has the Active status and the cost estimate has the Current status. When you change the contact, Profit automatically redetermines the contact data based on the VAT, currency, etc. The lines retain the price of the original contact. If required, you can change it manually.