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Example of a discount over a combined group

You must configure a discount for a combined group before you can start using it.


With a combined discount over a combined group, you actually attach the discount to the article. You then link these discounts on the article to the sales contact using the sales contact profile. Whether or not a combined discount over a combined group is applied then depends on the sales contact. The consequence of this, for example, is that for articles A, B and C a 3% discount is calculated and for article D the discount is 4%.

  • Activate a combined discount over a combined group

    You can reset the prices of a number of articles simultaneously (temporarily) to zero.

  • Authorise menu items

    After you have activated the Discount/surcharge over combined groups function, you have to authorise specific users so that they can add these discount scales.

  • Modify an entry layout

    If you want to see the invoice discount while entering orders, packing slips or invoices, you must include theCombined discount over groups field in the entry layout. You can add this field to the 'Footer'.

  • Modify an invoice layout

    You include the Combined discount over groups field in the invoice layout.

  • Add discount scales

    If you are authorised to do so, you can add discount scales across combined groups.

  • Add a combined group

    You link the discount scale you created to a combined group. This is why you must first add the combined group.

  • Link a discount scale to a sales contact profile and article

    You must link the discount scale across combined groups to the sales contact profile. Then you must link the combined group to the articles.



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