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Add volume discounts (sales)

When adding volume discounts you record the discount amount or percentage per step.

You can use different routes to record volume discounts but how it works is the same way everywhere.

Before you can use volume prices and discounts, you must first activate the functionality.

To record volume discounts:

  1. Go to: 
    • Order Management / Sales / Price/discount / Basic discount
    • Order Management / Sales / Price/discount / Promotional discount
    • Order Management / Sales / Price/discount / Discount group
    • Order Management / Purchase / Price/Discount / Basic discount
    • Order Management / Purchase / Price/Discount / Promotional discount
    • Order Management / Purchase / Price/Discount / Discount group.
  2. Open the properties of a sales contact.
  3. Go to the tab: Discounts (for basic discount and promotional discount, you open the History tab).
  4. Click on: New
  5. Select the type for which you want to record a volume discount.
  6. Click on: Next
  7. Select the Based on % check box if you want to add percentages in the next step.

    If you do not select this check box, you can only add discount amounts.

  8. Select the Volume discount check box.
  9. Click on: Next

    For Step from, you enter the quantity from which the discount applies.

    After this, you enter the discount amount for the sales price (purchase price) per unit for that quantity or you enter the discount percentage. The columns in which you can enter data depend on whether you selected the Based on % check box in the previous window.

    In the Step from column, the first quantity of '0' with '0' discount percentage is already added.

  10. Press Enter twice.
  11. Enter the quantity in the Step from column.
  12. In the Discount percentage column, enter the discount percentage and press Enter.
  13. Complete the remaining steps.
  14. Click on: Finish

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