Import ladder when importing sales price

When importing the sales price you can also import the volume prices.

To import a ladder when importing sales price:

  1. Go to: Projects / Management / Import / Sales price.
  2. Click on: Next
  3. Select the Import through a new to be created definition option.
  4. Click on: Next
  5. Select the Import volume prices check box.
  6. Also select the Import calculated price check box.
  7. Click on: Next
  8. In File name, enter the name of the file with the volume prices.
  9. Select the ASCII file with separators check box and enter the separator (usually a ',' or a ';' ).
  10. Select the First line contains fieldnames check box if you import a column where you do not want to import the first line. In the Read from line field, enter a '2'.
  11. Click on: Next
  12. Specify per field what you want to do with them during import:
    1. In the Sales price field, set the imported value in Volume price.
    2. Import the volume quantity into the Quantity field.
  13. Click on: Next
  14. Click on: Finish

When the file has been imported, you will see a message.

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