Down payment

Down payment is an order processing method in which the order from the sales contact is first entered and then partially paid after which you deliver the articles.



In Profit, you can specify that the sales contact must first pay part of the order amount after which the entire order is automatically released for delivery. We call this down payment.

The differences compared with advance payment are that no invoice is sent to the sales contact and that, instead of the full amount, the sales contact needs only to pay part of the order amount. Furthermore, in Profit Financieel, a check is made to see if the down payment has been made. Finally, you can also by-pass the down payment and still deliver the order should the situation require this.

If required, you can change the down payment amount manually.

You cannot collect any packing slips or invoices together with down payment. The packing slips and invoices must remain as separate entities in Profit so they can be reconciled with the down payments that are received via Profit Financieel.


  • Configure

    The use of a down payment is an order processing method in which the sales contact first enters the order and then pays a part of the order after which you deliver the articles. You have to configure this first.


  • Add a sales order for down payment

    You can add a sales order that you only deliver after you have received a down payment. The description of the procedure to be followed also contains information on processing the down payment in Profit Financial and then generating the packing slip and finally the invoice.

  • Deliver a sales order without a down payment

    For as long as the sales contact has not made a down payment and the Deliverable check box is not selected, you cannot create a packing slip from the sales order. You can, however, still deliver a sales order. To do this, select the Deliverable check box manually in the order that has been added.

  • Change a sales order with down payment

    You can only make limited changes to an order for which you expect a down payment. For example, you can only increase the quantities and add lines.