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Configure Digipoort

Digipoort is the government’s electronic post office for communicating between companies and government bodies.

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To use Digipoort with a government certificate, you must have a valid 'PKI-Overheid-Certificaat' (previously 'OTP-certificaat').

Free certificate for AFAS Online users

If you are using Profit via AFAS Online, you can use the AFAS Digipoort Service. This allows you to submit the following declarations electronically.

  • Profit Financieel
    • VAT/ICP declaration
    • CoC documents for small businesses (Chamber of Commerce)
  • Profit HR
    • Wage declaration, annual wage statement and 'eerstedagsmelding'. For the wage declaration, the large message channel is always used. This is fully supported. If you were using 'FOS' previously, you can also switch to the AFAS 'Digipoort' Service.
    • DigiZSM

This results in cost savings, as you do not have to purchase a government-issued PKI certificate. In addition, the implementation is very simple.

Own 'Digipoort' certificate

You use your own certificate in the following situations:

  • You have a local installation.
  • You submit the following tax declarations. The reason for this is that you cannot submit these declarations using the AFAS 'Digipoort' Service.

How many certificates do you need?

  • You can use a single certificate for multiple environments.
  • If you use Profit Fiscal, you can record multiple certificates for each environment.
  • You can also use a 'Digipoort' certificate in other software packages, with one exception. You can use certificates for Profit Fiscal only in Profit, and not in combination with other packages.
  • You can use one certificate for multiple employers.


    Read the comment on the wage declaration if you switch from BAPI or FOS. The comment tells you whether to use the small message channel or the large message channel.


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